What a crazy show! Tons of new people! New slammers! A new Winner with women taking #1 and #2 just one week before the first Ottawa Women’s Slam Championship!

The night started with the former director of CPC (the group that puts on Capital Slam), Nathanael Larochette, acting as host. He quickly reminded us why he was the voice of CapSlam for so long.

The open mic set things off right with a song by Loh El and the poems by three women, Tracy Gupta, DJ Aunt Heather and Sahar!

Then it was time for the Slam… but first blood needed to be spilled and this time the sac spilled that blood straight from his heart as Sean O’Gorman shared a poem he wrote for the lovely Hannah Christie.

No time for sentiment though as Rusty Priske drew the bullet (AGAIN) and scratched out a 26.2 with a new piece.

Next was scenester Jeanette who gets better and better every time out! This time it was a 25.5.

The next FOUR poets were all making their slam debuts! First was Jens Walker who got a 24.7. Next was Candace Bruchhaeuser who scored VERY well with the judges but went over 4 minutes to drop down to 25.5. Then came Oliver Croteau with a 26.1 and Zorah Bryant, who WOULD have made it into the second round but had to leave at the break. She got a 26.8. There was some really good, fresh work there! We hope to see them all out again!

Next was Kimbit who changed her delivery up for some straight spitting! 27.4 to take the lead…

Followed by CPC Director Brad Morden who grabbed that lead away just as fast! He netted a 27.7 (the exact score that Rusty predicted about 2 minutes into the poem!)

Mirth (formerly known as Miranda Martel) went up next and netted an even 26.

One of the poets who have heralded the new wave of strong female slammers was up next. Mia Morgan (who will be the sac poet at the Ottawa Women’s Slam Championship on Jan. 28th at Arts Court), took the competition to a whole new level with a 28.6!

And then, another of the new wave, V, blasted the room with her best performance yet! It was pure fire and the judges rewarded it… 29.8!

The first round ended on a classic note as Dini shared his experience and got a 25.6

Then came feature Johnny MacRae. Johnny speaks with a voice not usually heard in these parts and does so with panache and moxie. I hope he comes back… when pigs fly. (Meaning all the time, if you are not familiar with the MacRae piece…)

The second round started with V, who seemed to have the competition sewn up… but she didn’t care! She read a GREAT piece the people really dug… but it was nearly 4.5 minutes so her strong marks dropped to a 25.3.

Rusty Priske went up again (in the second round because Zorah had to drop) and went with intense… the judges rewarded that intensity with a strong 28.3.

Next was Mia Morgan who got the exact same score!

The penultimate poet of the show was CPC Director Brad Morden again, who shared a brand new piece, and got a 27.8.

Last up was Kimbit, who got the top mark of the second round with a 28.9!

Final results:

1. Mia Morgan 56.9
2. Kimbit 56.3
3. Brad Morden 55.5
4. V 55.1
5. Rusty Priske 54.5
6. Zorah Bryant 26.8
7. Oliver Croteau 26.1
8. Mirth 26.0
9. Dini 25.6
10T. Jeanette Elizabeth 25.5
10T. Candace Bruchhaeuser 25.5
12. Jens Walker 24.7

REMEMBER, the next show is on Feb. 11th and features Ian Keteku!

First, though, make sure you go to the first ever Ottawa Women’s Slam Championship at Arts Court on Jan. 28th!

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