Ursula Rucker Workshop!

On the evening of March 3rd, Capital Slam is very happy to present Ursula Rucker at the UofO Alumni Auditorium as part of VERSeFest, Ottawa’s Poetry Festival. Ursula Rucker is arguably the biggest name performer that we have presented in the history of Capital Slam and the chance to share such a special performer is an honour. Capital Slam and the Capital Poetry Collective want to express our gratitude to VERSeOttawa and VERSeFest for this incredible opportunity. (And we encourage you to check out the VERSeFest website and look at all the other amazing performers, like C.R.Avery, ‘Mighty’ Mike McGee, Philip Levine, Shauntay Grant, Rae Armantrout and more!)

VERSeFest, with the support of the Mercury Lounge, will be hosting a very special opportunity for poets in and around the Ottawa area. On the afternoon of March 4th, Ursula Rucker will be conducting a very exclusive poetry workshop at the Mercury Lounge.

This is a really big deal. We are incredibly thrilled to be able to bring this to a select group of participants.

The workshop is limited to 20 spots only, so registration is at a premium. The workshop costs $50 and includes a ticket to the Ursula Rucker show the night before at the Alumni Auditorium.

I can only assume many of you are already trying to find out how to register. (I know some of you are, because you have already asked me directly).

Tickets for the festival go on sale on Feb. 1st, but we will be doing something special for the Ursula Rucker Workshop, due to the incredibly limited number of spots available.

To reserve a spot in the workshop you need to send an e-mail to versefest@live.ca after Feb. 1st at 10 am. Any requests that arrive BEFORE that time will not be counted. The first 20 people whose e-mails arrive AFTER 10am on the 1st will have spots reserved for them. A waiting list will also be created. Once you have been notified that a spot is available to you, you will have 7 days to get payment into VERSeFest, either through Paypal or directly to one of the VERSeFest officials. (Rusty Priske, for example… since I am the writing this…) If payment isn’t recieved at the time we will give the spot to the next person on the waiting list.


I expect these spots to fill up VERY fast, so don’t sleep on this!


3 thoughts on “Ursula Rucker Workshop!

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