First CapSlamReCap of 2012!

What an incredible show! What an incredible slam! What an incredible feature! What an incredible scene! What an incredible city!

Slam Master Rusty did a quick count of the poetry notables in the room and realized that the room held:

All four members of the Recipe
Four different Capital Slam Champions
Two National Youth Slam Championship Team Members
One National Youth Slam Individual Champion
Eight National Slam Championship Team Members
Two National Individual Slam Champions
One World Slam Champion

Think about that and how lucky we are to be in a community with THAT much talent.

The show kicked off with host Brad Morden introducing the open micers. Asha Kayd was first up and won over a still settling in crowd. Next was Brandon Wint, trying out a new piece. Third was Loose Change (AKA Marco Lobo). The set was rounded off by an all too rare appearance by Komi Olaf.

The sac poet for the show was new star V, who set the tone very well… and showed us what a great line-up we had ahead of us.

Someone had to draw the bullet, though, and that someone was Colleen Leafloor. She is a top 5 poet in the standings and so far seems to be holding off Mia Morgan and V for the race for CapSlam Rookie of the Year. She scored a 27.3.

Next was Youth Slam Star, Switch, doing a new piece. He just edged out Colleen, getting a 27.4.

Third to the mic was scene favourite, DJ Aunt Heather. Always popular, though she rarely slams. Heather pulled a 25.5.

Next was Urban Legend Just Jamaal, who rocketed into first with a 28.1.

D-Lightfull made her CapSlam season debut and grabbed a 25.7. (Watch for her at the Ottawa Women’s Championships on Jan. 28th!)

Loh El has sat on top of the CapSlam rankings most of the season and he showed why by taking over first spot here with a 28.3.

Not to be outdone, ArRay-of-WoRds came in right behind him with a 28.2.

Visiting Ottawa was 2011 surprise semi-finals star, Vanessa Baker. Here she got a 26.7.

Next was another crowd favourite, Sean O’Gorman. O’G got a 27.8.

Another participant in the Ottawa Women’s Slam Championships was up next – Stargazer. She seemed to have the widest disparity between the reaction of the crowd and the judges marks as she got a 27.2 for what was a very well received poem.

OpenSecret made his first appearance competing at Capital Slam in over a year. No rust here. He snatched first place away with a stellar 29.3.

Mia Morgan finished off the first round with a solid 26.7.

Brendan McLeod‘s feature was fun and powerful and entertaining and touching and all the things you can possibly say about the poet, musician, Fugitive et al. He just puts on a great show.

The second round started with Loh El breaking out strong, getting 2 TENS and a 29.0.

Sean O’Gorman was next and he was his charming best… for over four minutes. After a 3 point time penalty he ended with a 24.4.

OpenSecret was next and he carried on with his first round power and bettered it, getting a 29.5.

ArRay-of-WoRds was next and he slipped a little from the first round, getting a 27.3.

Just Jamaal finished the slam with a good piece, but he had a few problems with it, ending in a 1.5 time penalty and a final score of 26.6.


1. OpenSecret 58.8
2. Loh El 57.3
3. ArRay-of-WoRds 55.5
4. Just Jamaal 54.7
5. Sean O’Gorman 52.4
6. Switch 27.4
7. Colleen Leafloor 27.3
8. Stargazer 27.2
9T. Vanessa Baker 26.7
9T Mia Morgan 26.7
11. D-Lightfull 25.7
12. DJ Aunt Heather 25.5

If the semi-finals were today, the invited poets would be Loh El, Just Jamaal, ArRay-of-WoRds, Colleen Leafloor, Sean O’Gorman, Rusty Priske, V, Mia Morgan, Bruce Narbaitz, CauseMo, Kimbit and Jeanette Elizabeth.

The next CapSlam is on Jan. 21st and features Johnny Macrae!

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