CapSlamReCapDecEd #2

So here we are, at the final Capital Slam of 2011. What a crazy year it has been! I think I will do a ‘year-in-review’ post soon, but for now… here is the ReCap for the latest Capital Slam!

The show kicked off with our wandering leader, Brad Morden, back on the mic! Brad took hosting duties, joined, as always, on stage by the super-style DJ PrufRock!

The open mic filled as soon as the doors opened! I want to see a couple of these people try out slamming next time! Speak Out was first up. He has done the Open Mic twice and if he get his poem down to 3 minutes he should step over to the competitive side of the show! He was followed by Kelsey O’Connor, making her debut! She is also not far off as her words were solid! Next was Miranda, known to some as the tap-dancing open micer, but tonight it was poetry! It rounded off with Kassandra dropping… Christmas Carols!

We had quite a treat for the sacrificial poet as Kevin Matthews was in the house!(“Until the pen runs out of ink….”)

The slam proper kicked off with the Slam Master, Rusty Priske, taking the stage.He took the bullet and got a 25.2.

Next up was Urban Legend Just Jamaal who did a little better with a 26.4 (after a small time penalty), but there was still a lot of room for the judges to play with.

Bruce Narbaitz is back! Bruce hasn’t been on the stage since CFSW (as a member of the CapSlam team) and he snuck ahead of Jamaal with a 26.8…. a lead he held for a while.

Fourth up was ArRay-of-WoRds (this was quite a star-studded line-up tonight…). Ray had a strong poem but he had some problems with it and finally said the hell with it and started over. His score was strong but he went 5:24 for a 7 point penalty, getting a 19.7.

Next was Sepideh, who we don’t see NEARLY enough! She got a strong 26.6.

She was followed by Robin LeWilliam-North. He did the best poem I can recall hearing from him. He got a 25.3. He is a very good writer, and not just poems. He is a regular at Once Upon A Slam. Check it out on Dec. 30th!

Next was Jean-Marc making his CapSlam debut. His has dropped pieces at the Youth Slam and he showed his talent here, vaulting into first place despite a small time discrepancy, netting a 27.1.

Then it was V. V has been getting better and better every time she takes the stage. She blew away the room and nailed a 28.6, for a commanding lead in the slam. (With the only 10 of the first round!)

Joseph Hadish has slammed at CapSlam once before, but we usually only see him in the audience. He is a very good writer and as his delivery gets a little smoother, I am sure we will see a jump in his scores. He got a respectable 25.8.

The first round ended with Kimbit singing and reciting to a 26.4 score.

Then came the features. The Ottawa Youth Slam team are the national youth champions and have a series of amazing team pieces (including one they just wrote that day!) This just in! The team of Switch, CauseMo, Biting Midge, Scotch and Blue have just been booked to perform at VERSeFest on March 1st! This is a big honour as they will be performing in the same festival as people like Ursula Rucker, C.R. Avery, Mighty Mike McGee, Beau Sia and many more!

The second round had six poets instead of five, due to a tie for fifth place. More poetry for the audience!

V was first up. She did not slow the crowd away like in round 1, but she was still very good and we expect big things from this still new slammer. She got a 27.7.

Just Jamaal was up next and he needed a 29.9 to move ahead of V. Pretty unlikely, right? His poem said, “Not so fast!”

The scores were 9.2, 9.8, 10, 10, 10 for a 29.8.

The next poet to return to the stage was Jean-Marc. He continued his great debut by netting a 27.4. Good job Jean-Marc!

Kimbit came up again and stayed very consistent, getting a 26.8

Bruce Narbaitz was also very steady, getting a 27.4.

Sepideh rounded off the night with a VERY strong showing, getting the 2nd highest score of the night… 28.7.

In the end we got a first time winner… congrats to V! She (along with random draw winner Weggon Allen) each won two passes to Once Upon A Slam on Dec. 30th – featuring Charly Chiarrelli!)

Also of note – so far this year we have seen a big upswing in the numbers of female performers. This time we only had three out of 10, but ALL THREE made it to the second round, and one of them got the win! Let’s hear it for women slamming in the nation;s capital! I am stoked for the Women’s Slam Championships on Jan. 28th! BE THERE)

Final results

1. V – 56.3
2. Just Jamaal – 56.2
3. Sepideh – 55.3
4. Jean-Marc – 54.5
5. Bruce Narbaitz – 54.2
6. Kimbit – 53.2
7. Joseph Hadish – 25.8
8. Robin LeWilliam-North – 25.3
9. Rusty Priske – 25.2
10. ArRay-of-WoRds – 19.7

The rankings have been updated… and as I was talking about women in slam, if the semi-finals were today, HALF of the invited poets would be women! You can check out the full rankings here but the top 12 are:

1. Loh El
2. Just Jamaal
3. Sean O’Gorman
4. ArRay-of-WoRds
5. Rusty Priske
6. Colleen Leafloor
7. V
8. Mia Morgan
9. Bruce Narbaitz
10. CauseMo
11. Kimbit
12. Jeanette Elizabeth

Our next show will be on January 7th and the feature is Fugitive and former Canadian Indy Slam Champion, Brendon McLeod!

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