CapSlamReCapNovEd #2

Another CapSlam is in the books, and wow, what a fun, exciting night! We had a wonderful feature, a great slam and a farewell (for now) of someone who mens a lot to our scene.

The show started off with host, Rusty Priske, introducing the first open mic poet, Hannah Christie! Hannah was doubling up as scorekeeper and as Rusty told the crowd that fact, he realized that he hadn’t found judges yet! (see what happens when Ruthanne Edward isn’t around to make sure Rusty does what he needs to do?)

Five judges were quickly press ganged into service and back to the open mic where CapSlam favourite and supporter, DJ Aunt Heather took the stage! She was followed by a newcomer, Sundown!

On to the slam! But first, we needed some sacrificial blood to be spilled… who better than 2008 CapSlam Champion, and our last feature, Ibn Najeeb!

Then it was time for Rusty to dip into the magical.. uh, cardboard box… to draw the first poet of the night: ArRay-of-WoRds!

Ray started doing one poem, had some trouble and switched to a different poem. The judges rewarded his recovery, which still came in under three minutes, and gave him a 27.2!

Two poets in and we have already sampled two different national slam teams! ArRay-of-Words was on CFSW finalists, the Kingston Pen, and next we had Tammy Mackenzie of the Lanark County Live Poets Society! Tammy’s new pieces are great (they took her to the second round at Urban Legends last week), but this wasn’t her best night. She picked up a 26.0.

Next was Chris Tse, the 2010 CapSlam Champion. He rocked the stage, grabbing a 28.9 that held the lead…nearly until the end of the first round.

He was followed by Kassandra (who has graced the stage under the name Crystal Powers in the past). She scored a 25.0.

Another CFSW vet, though this one as a member of the Championship Ottawa Youth Slam team, CauseMo was up next! She netted a 26.1.

Next was a newcomer! Gabriel Tran made his debut with a 26.3… JUST missing a second round berth.

He was followed by one of the young female poets vying for rookie of the year this year – Mia Morgan! Mia was strong to the mic, collecting a 28.2!

She was followed by the fifth woman of the round (5 and 5… accidental parity!), N is for Nubian who picked up a 26.2.

The last two poets of the first round were both vets of the 2011 CapSlam team: Loh El brought some familiar power, with his men of the new millennium piece, getting the highest score of the first round, a 29.5. Then Sean O’Gorman called on an Army of Poets. He had some problems but charmed the crowd, getting a 28.0.

Then came Brandon Wint.

Brandon won over some new fans… as anyone who hears him becomes a Brandon Wint fan. It is amazing that he only appeared at the end of 2008, and now he is one of the biggest names in Canadian Spoken Word.

But, we must forge on!

First up in the second round was Sean O’Gorman, reading a new piece with a certain disregard for the conventions of time. He happily went over, to the tune of 3:48, ending with a 24.8, and a 52.8 overall.

Next up was ArRay-of-WoRds… who flirted with a prop violation while grabbing a 26.6, and a 53.8 total.

Third up to the mic was Loh El he was strong and polished, getting the highest mark of the second round (after time deductions were included… other people’s that is…) 29.1, giving him 58.6 overall.

Next was Mia Morgan who also had a little time issue, going 3:14, dropping her to a 27.4, for a total of 55.6.

Last up was Chris Tse… who tossed any notions of a time limit out the window! He brought the crowd along with a great audience participation piece running 5:13. The judges threw up FIVE TENS! But after the time lords had their say he dropped to a 23.5, and a 52.4 overall.

Here are the final results

1. Loh El 58.6

2. Mia Morgan 55.6

3. ArRay-of-WoRds 53.8

4. Sean O’Gorman 52.8

5. Chris Tse 52.4

6. Gabriel Tran 26.3

7. N is for Nubian 26.2

8. CauseMo 26.1

9. Tammy Mackenzie 26.0

10. Kassandra 25.0

After we were done, Rusty let the audience know that it was a good-bye performance by Chris Tse, who has been called away to follow the opportunities the world presents to him. We will miss his talent, but who are we to deny the world!

Good luck Chris!

So, the rankings have been updated. Loh El keeps his top spot, but there has been a lot of shuffling just beneath him.

3-time slammers

1. Loh El
2. Sean O’Gorman
3. ArRay-of-WoRds
4. Rusty Priske
5T. CauseMo
5T. Mia Morgan
7. Jeanette Elizabeth

2-time slammers

8T. Just Jamaal
8T. Colleen Leafloor
10. V
11. Blue
12. Bruce Narbaitz
13. Jessica Ruano
14. Rastabula
15. N is for Nubian
16. Robin LeWilliam-North
17. Miranda Martel

1-time slammers

18. Synonymous
19. Ibn Najeeb
20. Ronsense
21. Switch
22. Khadija
23. Brad Morden
24. Chris Tse
25. Sepideh
26T. Raffaella
26T. Johnny Macrae
28. Festrell
29. Sarah Musa
30T. Kimbit
30T. John Sobol
32. Gabriel Tran
33T. Craig Kamba
33T. Vanessa Baker
35. Emily Barrie
36. DMP
37T. Adrian Southin
37T. Tammy Mackenzie
39. Asha Kayd
40. Marco Lobo
41. Kassandra
42. Stargazer
43. Kaz

The next show is on December 3rd and features Tanya Davis! Watch this blog, and Facebook for more details!

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