Another month and another Capital Slam… but this one had a twist as it fell on Friday, rather than Saturday.

Due to a scheduling conflcit with the Mercury Lounge we moved out of our comfort zone and to counter that we were much more aggressive in getting the word out – ensuring that nobody missed the show thinking it was going to fall on Saturday.


Out first SOLD OUT show of the season!

That may have more to do with an amazing feature, but we will take it!

The show started, as always, with the musical stylings of DJ Prufrock and then the open mic!

Zomkhonto kicked us off (accompanied by his very own film crew!) We also had new regular Jeanette and two newcomers to the stage, Sammy Star and Dustin!

Then the SLAM!

Ruthanne Edward, slam master for Once Upon A Slam, was the host for the evening and she kicked off the competition but spilling a little sacrificial blood in the form of 2011 CapSlamChamp, Sense-Say!

The first name drawn from the magic toque for the slam itself was Ottawa Youth Slam stalwart, Rastabula! Going first is always tough but he did himself proud, scoring a 26.8

Next up was a new slammer! (We are up to 39 slammers on the season…) His name was Adrian Southin and I expect we will see him on our stage again! 26.0

Up third was another slammer who is turning into a regular, V! V scored a 28.0 but a small time penalty turned it into a 27.5… grabbing the first spot thus far.

Next up was ANOTHER brand new slammer! Emily Barrie made the most of her first try and scored a 26.7!

Next up was CapSlam Team member, Loh El. He took things to a whole new level of stratosphere. 29.6 He grabbed the first round lead and held it.

The first half of the first round rounded off with N is for Nubian (who doesn’t slam NEARLY enough…) who took a 26.0

Speaking of people we don’t see enough, Urban Legends organizer Sarah Musa was next! She was wonderful as always, scoring a 27.3

Next was… well, something a little different. Due to a slight mix-up. E.D. had signed up for the slam, planning to do a team piece, not realizing that team peices are not allowed at Capital Slam. We discussed the options in advance and found that he wasn’t really concerned about the scores so we decided that we were all better off hearing him perform so we would treat it like a regular slam performance and just not count the results for the season standings etc.

He scored VERY well, netting a 28.7, but it took him 4 minutes. Nobody regretted the lost time. 🙂

Next was another Urban Legends stalwart, Khadija. She brought down a 27.5, tying V.

She was followed by CapSlam Slam Master, Rusty Priske, who brought a new piece! The crowd dug it, and so did the judges. He got a 29.2, moving him into second…


As Synonymous was next up and netted himself a 29.3!

The first round finished off with a poet’s poet, Robin LeWilliam-North. He had some time ‘issues’ and ended with a 25.6, after a 1 point deduction.

Then came our feature… back when he was known as Marcus Jameel, Ibn Najeeb was both the CapSlam Rookie of the Year and CapSlamChamp back in 2008. He led the team to a strong 3rd place finish at CFSW and then went on to found Urban Legends and Words fo a Poet.

This night he shared as poetry and insights into poetry. He also gave us some funny banter between himself and DJ Prufrock.

Wonderful feature.

Then, on to the second half of the slam!

First up was supposed to be V… but then she was nowhere to be found! Turned out she was outside and Ruthanne launched into show plugs while V was found and brought back in, ran onto stage and…stepped straight into a landmine.

It has happened to every poet. V struggled to get it back and fought her way through, but it took her way over time. She scored a 23.7, but got a 6 point time penalty.

Next up was Loh El… and apparently it was catching, as he went 3:16, knocking his 29.5 down to 29.0

Third up was Khadija who wowed the crowd and the judges. She netted a 29.5. We hope she comes back and shares more poetry on the CapSlam stage!

Fourth up was Rusty Priske who went lower key than the first round and got a 28.6

The last poet of the night was Synonymous who proceeded to get the highest score of the whole night… 29.7

In the end, Loh El’s time penalty decided the winner as it knocked him out of first.

1. Synonymous 59.0

2. Loh El 58.6

3. Rusty Priske 57.7

4. Khadija 57.0

5. V 45.2

6. Sarah Musa 27.3

7. Rastabula 26.8

8. Emily Barrie 26.7

9T. Adrian Southin 26.0

9T. N is for Nubian 26.0

11. Robin LeWilliam-North 25.6

X. E.D. 25.7

So the rankings are up to date! You can always see them over at, but how about I post them here!

39 poets already this season! Woot!

Sean O’Gorman held the top spot for a month but Loh El is back on top with Rusty Priske and O’G following and Colleeen Leafloor, Just Jamaal and ArRay-of-WoRds breathing down thier necks!

3-time Slammers

1. Loh El
2. Rusty Priske
3. Sean O’Gorman
4. Jeanette Elizabeth

2-time Slammers

5. Colleen Leafloor
6. Just Jamaal
7. ArRay-of-WoRds
8. V
9. Blue
10. Bruce Narbaitz
11. CauseMo
12. Jessica Ruano
13. Rastabula
14. Mia Morgan
15. Robin LeWilliam-North
16. Miranda Martel

1-time Slammers

17. Synonymous
18. Ibn Najeeb
19. Ronsense
20. Switch
21. Khadija
22. Brad Morden
23. Sepideh
24T. Raffaella
24T. Johnny Macrae
26. Festrell
27T. Sarah Musa
27T. Kimbit
29. John Sobol
30T. Vanessa Baker
30T. Craig Kamba
32. Emily Barrie
33. DMP
34T. Adrian Southin
34T. N is for Nubian
36. Asha Kayd
37. Marco Lobo
38. Stargazer
39. Kaz

18 of the 39 are women! Not quite half but change is in the air!

Next show: we are back to our regular night, Saturday, Nov. 19th with special feature, BRANDON WINT!

Don’t miss it!

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