CapSlamReCapOct #2

Our first Capital Slam back from the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word so it was a celebration! The CapSlam Team was there to entertain and enlighten and a full slate of slammers, including some who have NEVER slammed at Capital Slam before!

Rather than the slick and talented hosts of the past, we went for something different this time! To paraphrase Nadine Thornhill, hoping that awkward was the new charming, Rusty Priske was the man with the mic for the evening!

He started by giving a recap of the amazing CFSW, giving props to all 3.5 Ottawabased/connected teams (though since we said connected, I suppose it should have been 4.5 …) and then went to the Open Mic. First up was N is for Nubian who gave as a poem inspired by Wangari Maathai. While she was performing, Rusty noticed a new addition to the wall at the Mercury Lounge!

Last year at CFSW inOttawa, Komi Olafimihan, aka Poetic Speed, painted an amazing portrait of six of Canada’s biggest name Spoken Word artists: Ian Keteku, C.R. Avery, Shane Koyczan, R.C. Weslowski, Dwayne Morgan and Truth Is… He then auctioned it off and Jessica Ruano was the lucky winner. Jessica has recently moved to England and has loaned it to the Mercury Lounge so it now presides over our slams! How cool is that!

(Komi did a new piece this year, featuring Missie Peters, Scruffmouth, Sherri-D Wilson and Moe Clark. I do not know who bought it.)

The next open micer didn’t need the mic at all as Miranda Martel tap danced her way onto the stage and across it, back and forth. I can certainly say that was a first for CapSlam!

Next was Dini who entertained as always. SHOTGUN!

Urban Legends was in the house as Hyfidelik and Prufrock showed off one their epic team pieces from CFSW.

We topped it off with an all-too-rare performance by Ian Keteku!

The Slam kicked off with a sac performance by ArRay-of-WoRds, fresh off his appearance on CFSW finals stage as a member of the Kingston team!

The Slam itself started with a run of talented female poets: Mia Morgan, Jeanette Elizabeth, Sepideh (she is back!), Kimbit and Monique (one of the Championship Youth Team!).

Remember when CapSlam had a shortage of female performers? 7 out of the 12 slammers this night and 14 of 33 on the season! Great news!

Next up was Brad Morden , making his season debut, Craig Kamba, making his debut PERIOD, Ronsense, visiting Vancouver poet Johnny Macrae, Colleen Leafloor, rookie Kaz and former CapSlam team member Festrell!

Incredibly tight round! Five poets go on to the second round and there was a THREE-WAY TIE for 6th, a mere .1 behind fifth place!

The feature set kicked off with Rusty Priske doing one of the poems that got him 3rd at the CFSW Alt Slam, (‘Angst’). Then Loh El joined Sean O’Gorman for his ‘Letter to My Nieces’. Then Sense-Say and Bruce Narbaitz came up for all four to do Bruce’s ‘Commodity Fetishism’. Loh El led O’G and Sense-Say on ‘A Real Man’, then the rest of the team provided the scenery for Sense-Say’s ‘The Body’.  Then Bruce and Loh El performed the completely original ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, followed by Loh El and Sense-Say supporting Sean O’Gorman’s ‘Army of Poets’, which ended with Rusty and Bruce joining them on stage for the last line.

A fun way to celebrate the team and show off some work they did for the festival.

The second round kicked off by bringing Brad Morden back to the stage, followed by Johnny Macrae and Sepideh. Next came Ronsense, who turned the audience on their ear after to straight comedy in the first round and following it with a heavy, emotional piece. Colleen Leafloor rounded out the second round.

In the end it was Ronsense picking up his first ever CapSlam victory. Colleen was second, Brad and Sepideh tied in third with Johnny finishing fifth.

With the rankings updated, Sean O’Gorman has held on to the top spot but the top two-time slammer is now Colleen Leafloor, slipping ahead of Loh El. (I guarantee Loh El will be trying to get his photo back at the top of the rankings page pretty quick!)


As always we have to thank the City of Ottawa for its support. Also, we gave away two tickets for an upcoming event at each show. This time it was PPO Movie Night!

Our next show is FRIDAY, Nov. 4th. Please note that it is a FRIDAY, not our usual Saturday.


Did I mention that it was on a FRIDAY?                                                                          

The feature is Ibn Najeeb, the 2008 Capital Slam Champion! (When he was known as Marcus Jameel.)

This will be a GREAT show!


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