Sorry that I did not post the final results until now. With so much going on, I didn’t find myself in front of a computer with time… and even now, I do not have much.

The short version is the Edmonton won, Up From the Roots (Toronto) came second, Urban Legends (OTTAWA) came third and Kingston came fourth.


The longer version is that Edmonton reminded us that we were there for poetry.

Urban Legends changed the way the game is played, unveiling the most amazing single performance I have ever seen.

Kingston proved they they BELONGED on that stage.

Earlier that day, the Ottawa Youth Slam team won the first ever CFSW Youth Championship with a set of pieces that would not have seemed out of place on the main finals stage.

Oh… and Sean O’Gorman got Honorable Mention as ‘Most Valuable Poet’.


Amazing week and we can’t wait until Saskatoon in 2012.



Come out to the Mercury Lounge this Saturday, Oct. 22nd to celebrate with the Capital Slam team! The whole team is featuring and wants to share some of the magic they took to the festival. Sense-Say, Loh El, Bruce Narbaitz, Sean O’Gorman and Rusty Priske (who took third in the Alt Slam) will be there… will you?

Rusty is hosting… DJ Prufrock (one of the amazing members of the incredible Urban Legends team) will be spinning. It will be a night to remember.

Doors and sign-up at 6:30.


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