So, despite the good results inthe prelims, the journey of the Capital Slam team… the official journey, anyway… has come to an end. The team perfromed very well but the Kingston and Up From the Roots teams were victorious in the bout.

In better news, Urban Legends DOMINATED thier bout and Ottawa is STILL in position to bring the championship home for the third year in a row. CapSlam extends our biggest support and love for our brothers with Urban Legends. PrufRock, Hyfidelik, Cannonx2 and Just Jamaal will have a BIG cheering section tomorrow night. (In addition to the CapSlam team, Ottawa has a bunch of peeps in town: Ruthanne Edward, Chris Tse, John Akpata, Poetic Speed, OpenSecret, Ian Keteku, Sarah Musa, D-Lightfull, a whole bunch of Jamaalians…)


In other big news, there was a Poet’s Vote for awards such as Most Vlauable Poet. The winner was Mary Pinkoski from Edmonton but the runner up was CapSlam Emerging SuperStar: Sean O’Gorman. The levels of pride in what Sean has done over the past few years, manifested at this festival has been incredible. Family. Love. The Real O’G.

Also, Ruthanne Edward was runner up for ‘Best Dressed’ behind Sonja Littlejohn from BeDRoCC.

The finals tomorrow features Urban Legends, Edmonton, Up From the Roots and Kingston (featuring CapSlam founder, Greg ‘Ritallin’ Frankson and CapSlam regular ArRay-0f-WoRds).

Give UL your thoughts and support!@


2 thoughts on “CFSW DAY 4

  1. Mia Morgan says:

    Bummer that CapSlam won’t be competing tonight, but congratulations anyhow! I was getting a play-by-play last night from my friend who was at the show, and– from what I heard– the Ottawa teams were on FIRE in the competition.
    Currently on a Toronto-bound train for the youth slam, so hopefully I’ll see everyone around today!

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