CFSW Day 2

WOW! What a big, BIG day for Ottawa poets here at the festival!

There were some workshops and showcases during the day (Of note, the ‘touring’ workshop with Brendan McLeod, Dwayne Morgan and Sherri-D Wilson was wonderfully informative).

Then practicing of course. The CapSlam team had our poetry and strategy ready.

First came the Urban Legends bout, though and they KILLED it! Absolutely dominant.

The Capital Slam bout had us facing Vancouver, Montreal and Guelph.  We had the bullet spot and we put Loh El to deliver and ‘Inspire’. He was amazing and the judges rewarded him with the best score of the first rotation.

Second up was the whole team doing a team remix of Bruce Narbaitz’s ‘Commodity Fetishism’. HUGE! Another top score of the round.

This came Sense-Say and ‘Defining Freedom’. By the time we got to Sean O’Gorman in the fourth round, we only needed a 22.4 to stay even, due to the strong performances of the first three rounds. But did O’G take it easy? NO WAY! He blasted the crowd with some ‘Truth’! This felt liek a coming out party for the amazing talent this is Sean O’G!

The other two winners of the day were Bedrock (Van) and Toronto P.S.

The four teams that have finished thier two bouts are either in precarious position (Montreal and Saskatoon) with 5 points, or eliminated from the semis (Sherbrooke and London), though all showed very well and did their scenes proud.

Of the sixteen teams that still have another bout, here are the rankings (remember that the cut off will likely be 4 placement points…)

1. Bedrock, Capital Slam, Edmonton, Urban Legends, Toronto P.S.

2. Halifax, Vancouver, Burlington, Victoria

3. Peterborough, Kingston, Calgary, Guelph, Winnipeg

4. Up From the Roots (Tor), Lanark County


CapSlam faces a tough bout tomorrow… including two other first bout winners! (Toronto P.S., Bedrock, Kingston)

Urban Legends has Guelph, Halifax and Edmonton.


Good luck to everyone!

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