CFSW Day 1

A long day but a good day to kick off the 2011 edition of the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word.

We knew we had a long drive to Toronto but some van rental chicanery left us behind schedule and against the clock. A van full of the CapSlam Team (Sense-Say, Loh El, Bruce Narbaitz, Sean O’Gorman, Rusty Priske), CapSlam Volunteer Coordinator Ruthanne Edward, and 2010 CapSlam Champ and CFSW Champ, Chris Tse, got to Toronto just in time for registration, without even time to go to the hotel first.

We may have been late, but the CapSlam Swagon got us there.

At the end of registration came the bout draw and… hoo-boy, CapSlam doesn’t get anything easy! On Wednesday we are up against Vancouver (3-time CFSW Champs), Montreal (CFSW Finalists the last two years) and Guelph. On Thursday we get the new Van team Bedrocc, Toronto Poetry Slam, and Kingston (featuring CapSlam folks, Ritallin and ArRay-of-WoRds).


In tight but CapSlam Swag will take the day.


After coming in late we were forced to miss the legends showcase, featuring folks like RC Weslowski and Sherri-D Wilson. Shame, but we had no choice.

The bouts were top notch! First we saw a bout that really saw CFSW become bilingual, with EVERY team dropping at least SOME french. In the end the bout went: 1. Montreal, 2. Sherbrooke, 3. Peterborough, 4. London

The second bout was the BOUT OF DEATH (part 1. The second bout of death is our Thursday bout…) Big here with Kingston coming STRONG and Up From the Roots (one of the pre-festival favourites), all but being eliminated from the proceedings. Final results: 1. Edmonton, 2. Saskatoon, 3. Kingston, 4. Up From the Roots

Without showing all the math, just be sure that it is very unlikely that a team with 5 placement points will get in the semi-finals this year. In fact, it is possible that a team with 4 placement points might not make it in. So Edmonton and Montreal are sitting strong, London and Up From the Roots are PROBABLY out, Saskatoon and Sherbrooke need another second to have a chance and Kingston and Peterborough need to win their other bout to move on.


After the bouts was Hip-Hop Karaoke and YOU HAVEN’T LIVED until you have seen Bruce Narbaitz sing Hey Ya. Ruthanne filmed it so we should have it up here at some point. We also saw great performances by other Ottawa cats, Sense-Say, PrufRock and CannonX2.


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