CapSlamReCap – Sept #2

Another slam already? It seems like just two weeks ago we were…




So, the season kicked off with Kevin Matthews and a three-way tie. This time we had Megan Ann Ward and a last-to-first comeback!


We started with an open mic PACKED with new blood! Marco Lobo kicked it off, followed by CapSlam newcomers Russell Barth, Erich Mrak, and Zomkhonto! (Of note, Erich wrote a rap in 25 minutes because he couldn’t afford cover. See folks! Arts pays for itself!)

With John Akpata manning the mic and DJ PrufRock spinning the tunes the slam rocketed into high gear with one of the last show’s winners, Colleen Leafloor, pulling sac duty.

This time it was Kimbit who pulled the ace to make her season debut. She pulled a 27.5

Next we had a grand return as Doretta Charles, AKA Stargazer, one of the Ottawa reps at the National Festival back in 2004, graced our stage. She ended with a 25.3 (due to a time penalty… but we didn’t want that time back).

Rusty Priske started his season off with a 27.8. His lead lasted all of about three minutes as Loh El went next and got a 28.2.

Blue (known to some as Greg Boyd) – a member of the Ottawa Youth Slam team – nailed it and got a strong 28.0.

Next up was Sean O’Gorman. Last slam he completely forgot his poem and ended up rambling on about his job and how they thought he was crazy. It was hilarious… but not so good for his slam score. This time he was on point, grabbing a 28.7 – the highest score on the night.

Jeanette – one of the season’s newcomers – showed her increasing confidence and pulled down a 26.5

Miranda – another of the season’s newcomers – then got a 25.1

CapSlam team member Bruce Narbaitz debuted a new poem for a 26.5.

Monique – the second Ottawa Youth Slam team member in the show – got a 27.1.

Then we had a CapSlam debut as Raffaella impressed the judges with her words, nailing a 27.9.

Lastly, another recent CapSlam convert, Mia Morgan, rounded things out with a solid 28.0.


Megan Ann Ward was the feature and she was a treat. Victoria’s loss is Montreal’s gain and we will willingly bask in the joy of having her nearby! 🙂


Five poets moved on to the second round – still random – and we started with Mia Morgan. Not quite as strong as the first round, but a force to be reckoned with this season. She picked up a 27.1.

Next was Loh El, who is a force to be reckoned with ANY time. He got a 28.4.

Raffaella was next. I don’t know if she is planning to be a regular slammer (we HOPE so), but her debut was certainly strong. She got a 26.9 in the second round.

Next was Sean O’Gorman who set the bar AGAIN, this time with a 28.6

With O’G holding the lead and only one poet to go, it was on Blue to try and knock him off. In fact he equalled him in the second round, but overall, it was still Sean O’Gorman as the winner (after finishing 12th two weeks ago!)


1. Sean O’Gorman

2 (TIE). Blue

2 (TIE). Loh El

4. Mia Morgan

5. Raffaella

6. Rusty Priske

7. Kimbit

8. Monique Simonot

9 (TIE). Jeanette Elizabeth

9 (TIE). Bruce Narbaitz

11. Stargazer

12. Miranda Martel


Next up, October 1st, we will have OPENSECRET and the RELEASE of LIVE AT CAPITAL SLAM 2011!! Mark it down!



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