CapSlamReCap – Sept. #1

A new season… the EIGHTH season for Capital Slam!


Does that amaze you as much as it does me?


Think of the amazing poets who have graced our stage… I think this is a good point to remind people of the amazing poets who have repped CapSlam over the years at CFSW (with festival host city)….

2005 – Vancouver

John Akpata, Kevin Matthews, Steve Sauve, DJ Morales, Greg ‘Ritallin’ Frankson

2006 – Toronto

Greg ‘Ritallin’ Frankson, Kevin Matthews, DJ Morales, Festrell

2007 – Halifax

Free Will, Nathanael Larochette, Mehdi Hamdad, Rusty Priske, Danielle K. L. Gregoire

2008 – Calgary

Marcus Jameel, OpenSecret, Nathanael Larochette, Poetic Speed, Rusty Priske

2009 – Victoria

Ian Keteku, OpenSecret, Poetic Speed, Brandon Wint, Rusty Priske – NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!

2010 – Ottawa

Chris Tse, OpenSecret, John Akpata, PrufRock, Brandon Wint – NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!

2011 – Toronto

Sense-Say, Loh El, Bruce Narbaitz, Sean O’Gorman, Rusty Priske – We’ll see in October…


Well, we just kicked off the campaign to see who would be on the team going to Saskatoon in 2012!


The show started off with four Open Mic poets, Mia Morgan, Vessel, L-Rock and Julie. Then we got a taste of things to come when our next feature, Megan Ann Ward, made a surprise visit from Montreal to be our Sac Poet!

The slam itself kicked off with Urban Legend steam member, Just Jamaal, fighting through the #1 seed with power! 27.9

CapSlam team member, Loh El, went up next and CapSlam was hitting peaks already! He held the top mark of the first round for the first 2/3rds of the round. (Tough to do when you go up so early). 28.5

The first of four CapSlam newcomers was next – Miranda Martel. We love hearing new voices! 25.5

Bruce Narbaitz, also repping the CapSlam team, came up next, followed by scene stalwart, Marco Lobo. 27.3 / 25.7

We had another newcomer next… new to the stage, but not the scene… Jeanette Elizabeth fought through her jitters to get up there and give a STRONG debut! We look forward to her getting up there some more! 26.0

Then… wow. Colleen Leafloor. Brand new to the scene and she made a splash in a BIG way. A powerful voice and powerful poetry launched her over the top to take the top scores of the first round, including the first 10 of the night! 29.1

She was followed by Vanessa Baker. It was her last time at CapSlam before she jets off across the sea, so best of luck to you VanBakes! See you when you are back around these parts! 26.8

Kingston slam team member, ArRay-of-WoRds, hit the stage and laid down some power to also vault to near the top. 28.8

The fourth newcomer… but only new to the CapSlam mic. Poetry vet and talented wordsmith, John Sobol, made his CapSlam debut! And his poem was… DYNOMITE! He only missed the second round by .1 so YOU BET we are looking forward to more from John! 27.2

Jessica Ruano, who doesn’t come to CapSlam NEARLY enough, gave us some new, and thoughtful poetry. 26.9

The first round wrapped up with CapSlam team member Sean O’Gorman… well, forgetting his poem and telling us about his new job instead. He had the crowd in stitches. 23.8 (after a substantial time penalty)


Before the break, Rusty Priske got on stage to give a big announcement. At VERSeFest 2012, held at the end of February… Capital Slam will have the honour of presenting to Ottawa… Ursula Rucker.

If you know, YOU KNOW. If you don’t, find out. This will be the biggest name performer CapSlam has been part of. You DO NOT want to be caught sleeping on this.


Then came feature performer, Kevin Matthews.



Kevin is just amazing. It was great to see all the people getting to hear him for the first time, if for no other reason than to find out what Raise It, really means. He also debuted a backing video for Roy G. Biv… and he moved the crowd, front to back, side to side… what a way to kick off a new season.

The came the second round… Colleen Leafloor started us off and showed that she was more than a one poem wonder… 28.9

Bruce Narbaitz was next and taught us the difference between humans and animals. 28.4

ArRay-of-WoRds got into a different headspace with some powerful thoughts and images. 29.2

Loh El showed why he is a force to reckon with at CapSlam. 29.5

Then Just Jamaal showed what launched him onto the Urban Legend steam… netting TWO 10s. 29.8


When we ran the math, for the second time in CapSlam history, we had a three-way tie for first.

Loh El, ArRay-of-WoRds and Colleeen Leafloor (in her debut!) shared the accolades!


Next up, this Sunday, Sept. 11th at 3pm at the Elmdale House Tavern, come out to watch and support the 2011 CapSlam team as they prepare for the National Slam Championships in October.


Then, back to the Mercury Lounge on September 17th for another edition of Capital Slam, featuring MEGAN ANN WARD!

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