August Capital Slam Recap!

The summer marches on … or is that augusts on?

This past saturday saw a good summer crowd get comfy at the Mercury Lounge to see some top poets ply their wares – including feature performer Mary Pinkoski!

The evening started with some tunes being spun by DJ {ahem} Rusty and his… uh, ability to pick songs from his iTunes folder. Not exactly the next Lance Baptiste, but the atmosphere still worked.

Ruthanne Edward moved from the back of the house to the front as the CapSlam Volunteer Co-ordinator and the usual Door Person took on the hosting duties for the show. (Thanks to Jeanette for handling door duties and Robert Collins for stepping in as time/scorekeeper)

We started with two open mic poets who were new to CapSlam and new to Slam in general. Tess and Rojen both said that they would be back – and ready to slam – in the future.

Ruthanne pulled double duty after a quick cel phone call got her Viola Desmond poem from its hiding place on the internet (thanks for the help Danielle Gregoire!), so she could be the sac poet. (Time penalty!) She of course claimed the penalty was so she could demonstrate to the slammers what not to do! 🙂 (Great poem, though.)

Into the slam itself, kicking off with Inez Dekker from the Lanark County Slam team! Next up was Mia Morgan, who had made her slam debut last month and we were disappointed to find out that she wasn’t staying in Ottawa. Our loss was Kitchener’s gain… or so we thought! This month we were informed that UofO won out over Waterloo and Mia will be staying – and slamming – right here in Ottawa! Good news for us!

Next up – fresh off a full summer in Ghana – 2009 CapSlam Champ, Chris Tse! He was followed by Vanessa Baker – and when the fates giveth, the fates taketh away. As we found out that Mia Morgan was staying in Ottawa, we also found out that Vanessa was heading across the sea. We’ll miss you VanBakes but good luck on the Emerald Isle!

Next up was Rusty Priske, who scored the first 10 of the night! The round was rounded out by visiting Toronto poet, Serafina!

Chris Tse came out of the first round in first place (what a shocker!) but there was a lot of play left… scores were tight!

After a nice break, Mary Pinkoski hit the stage. She shared with us her travel travails and moved on to some amazing poetry (and a Mary Pinkoski Poetry Drinking Game!). My favourite is the poem about teaching the girl with headlice. Beautiful poem… though that could be said about most of Mary’s work.

The second round was random again (which is the new way of things at CapSlam) and Mia Morgan kicked things off. She got the only time penalty in the competitive portion of the event, but it didn’t cost her in the end. (Did I mention that we are happy to have Mia join our SlamFamily?)

Next was Inez Dekker. I mentioned she was on the Lanark County team, but I didn’t say that the L.C. squad is the ONLY rural team to attend the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word and this fall in Toronto, they will be attending for the FOURTH time (and the second For Inez.)

Third up was Rusty Priske. In the first round he got the only (thus far) 10 of the evening. This round he got a 4.

Don’t ask why… I have no idea. The other scores were higher.

Next was Serafina who did a poem using fast food as an analogy for an ex. Ruthanne said that it was likely the best ‘fast food as analogy poem’ in slam.


Not to be outdone, Chris Tse said ‘the latest entry in the fast food as analogy category’ and dropped his MacDonald’s Girl poem (and got the other 10 in the slam).

Vanessa Baker rounded out the slam with what may be her last Capital Slam appearance. (Sniff, sniff)

When the dust settled, the results looked like this:

1. Chris Tse

2. Serafina

3. Rusty Priske

4. Mia Morgan

5. Vanessa Baker

6. Inez Dekker

It was really nice to see so many women performing, after the problems we have had in the past attracting/inspiring/creating female slammers.

Now, what’s coming up?

Friday, August 12th – the CapSlam Team (Sense-Say, Loh El, Bruce Narbaitz, Sean O’Gorman, Rusty Priske) will be performing at Cafe Nostalgica.

Saturday, August 20th (the regular slam date during the reg season) – the CapSlam team will be taking over the Mercury Lounge.

Then, THE SEASON KICKS OFF on September 3rd with a special performance by Capital Slam Legend, Kevin Matthews as the feature performer! Mix that with the slammers who will be itching to start building towards the 2012 team (CFSW 2012 will be held in Saskatoon). Thsi wil be a NOT-TO-BE-MISSED show!

September 11th – the CapSlam team performs at the Dusty Owl show.


Other shows –

August 9th – Voices of Venus featuring Sarah Musa!

August 13th – your last chance to see Kevin Matthews, Rusty Priske and Mehdi Hamdad perform as part of the Caravaggio exhibit at the National Gallery!

Watch your listings! Ottawa is the Spoken Word Capital of Canada! Don’t forget it!

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8 thoughts on “August Capital Slam Recap!

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  2. Mia Morgan says:

    🙂 I fully intend to go to both of the upcoming CapSlam team shows, anywhere I can get details about times/cost and things?

  3. […] For those wondering, the judges gave rankings of: 1st Chris, 2nd Sarefina, 3rd Rusty. I really like the new-to-me talent of Mia as well. I agree with the judges about Sarefina, another new to me talent that deserves notice. Just like at the semi-finals, Vanessa Baker could get no love from the judges, but I think she is still putting some great stuff out there. (No disrespect to Chris Tse or Rusty, the establishment poets still doing great things.) For another take on the event, which includes some more announcements, go here. […]

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