Capital Slam – Summer Slam Edition – August 6th!

The next Capital Slam comes your way on Saturday, August 6th at the Home of Capital Slam, the Mercury Lounge!


The sumemr is a great time to kick back and enjoy an amzing range of poetry – some hard-hitting and political, some heart-wrenching and personal, and everything in between!

Loh El won the last slam, with strong showings by fresh voices (Mia Morgan, Rastabula) and established vets (ArRay-of-Words, Rusty Priske). Who will take it in August?

We also will be blessed by a feature set by Edmonton’s Mary Pinkoski. For those of who cuaght Mary performing at CFSW last October, you know what you are in for. For the rest of you… just wait and see!


Mary Pinkoski  is the 2011 Edmonton Slam Champion and member of both the 2011 and 2010 (inaugural) Edmonton slam teams. In 2008, Mary won the National CBC Poetry Face-off.  Her writing has been called dynamic and visceral. Mary has presented her unique style of Spoken Word throughout Canada and into the United States. In addition to her live performances, Mary’s work has been played on CBC Radio One’s Radio Active and the Key of A, CKUA’s The Road Home, as well as Philadelphia’s Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry. Mary most recent chapbook, love is tree you planted, joins her other two chapbooks, Set List: poems for lonely microphones and My Heart & Other Small Gifts and a very limited broadside, Instructions on How to Hold a Paper Bird. For more information visit
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