Capital Slam, July 9th – featuring Steve Miller!

The new Capital Slam team has been formed and is working away to ensure the National Slam Championship stays where it belongs, but in the meantime, Capital Slam is doing it up big this summer!


The first Summer edition of CapSlam comes your way on July 9th, and boy do we have a special treat for Slam fans!


You may have seen him perform when he took the stage along side Ottawa stalwarts Brad Morden, Sean O’Gorman and Festrell as part of the Wild Card Slam Team at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word here last fall, but whether you did or not, this Vancouver-based poet has a few words he wants to share with you!



Steve Miller has been performing since before he can remember. At 5 years old he was awarded best story teller from a local boy scouts troup visiting his parents trail ride operation in Alberta. He grew up in music and theatre, performing every where and anywhere all the while keeping his writing to himself. The two came together in the form of spoken word in May 2008. Taking 3rd place at his first slam in Calgary he fell in love. In the summer of 2008 he moved to Vancouver to immerse myself into the scene there. In his first year he won 4 slams and the 2009 semi-finals, taking fifth place at finals. As the 2009 VanSlam alternate he was able to attend and perform at NPS in West Palm Beach, Florida, CFSW in Victoria, and IWPS in Berkely, California. He won the 2009 Vancouver Story Slam Semi-Finals and took 4th in the finals. In 2010 he self published his first book, Naked Poetry. He is a member of the 2010 CFSW wild card team who made it all the way to semi finals. He has toured with Johnny MacRae as “The Wet Coast Poets”, performing in Ottawa, Halifax, St. Johns, London and Toronto. He’s performed at festivals, weddings, funerals and slammed more times than he can count. In 2009 he poetry busked on Commercial Drive every day for three months. He’s performed on streets, buses, subways, and anywhere people would listen. A self –identified cowboy-queer, carpenter poet, he brings a rollercoaster horseback trail ride of emotions to the stage, shifting seamlessly between light and dark matter, often with the same poem and sometimes naked. Steve Miller crosses boundaries with comfort and ease inviting audiences to do the same.


So come down to throw down or just enjoy the linguistic mayhem at Capital Slam’s July Summer Slam, July 9th, Mercury Lounge, Doors and sign-up are at 6:30. $7 and free for performers.


And remember, every time a person comes to a slam for the first time, an angel gets its wings….

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2 thoughts on “Capital Slam, July 9th – featuring Steve Miller!

  1. […] Rad all about the next show…featuring Steve Miller, HERE […]

  2. Hey there fellow slammers,

    Just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock or sleeping on the greatness that is the Burlington Slam Project worry no more because Duffman is here to fill you in on the deets.

    Thursday July 21st 8pm @ The Black Bull we will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary in style!


    Well first we will be featuring David Perez. Yeah, I know he’ll be featuring at London, Guelph, & Toronto too. But will they be an “Anything Goes” slam? That’s right, BSP will be having it’s first ever themed slam before we start the regular season again in August. The time penalty will still be in effect (the bar has to close eventually) but everything else is game: covers, costumes, intruments, props. BE CREATIVE!

    Secondly, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes. Yogi won our logo contest a while back and has been using his winning submission as the inspiration for a total rebranding (logo, blog header, flyer design) of BSP. I’ve also been working on a whole new blog design to compliment the new rebranding launch at the tri-versary slam.

    But because we love you, we decided to launch the new blog layout early to wet your appetite and get you excited about what will happen at the tri-versary slam. Check it out at

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