Capital Slam Year-end and Annual General Meeting (and next show!)


The Capital Slam Finals have come and gone and now it is time to boast some accolades.


2011 Capital Slam Champion: Sense-Say

2011 Regular Season Champion: Chris Tse

2011 Rookie of the Year: Bruce Narbaitz

2011 Capital Slam Team: Sense-Say, Loh El, Bruce Narbaitz, Sean O’Gorman, Rusty Priske (coach/alternate)


The change in alternate is explained in theAGMNotes below.


The Capital Poetry Collective Annual General Meeting was held on June 14th. In attendance were:

Nathanael Larochette (Director)

Rusty Priske (Capital Slam Slam Master)

Ruthanne Edward (Volunteer Coordinator)

Greg ‘Ritallin’ Frankson (Director Emeritus)

Kevin Matthews (Advisor)

Graeme ‘Loh El’ O’Farrell, ArRay-of-WoRds, Brad Morden (Collective Members)

The meeting kicked off with Nathanael reiterating his previous announcement that he would not be seeking re-election as Collective Director. Nathanael presided over the Collectiove during the biggest boom in Spoken Word ever and his efforts are very much appreciated. Nathanael gains the position of ‘Director Emeritus’ (along side Greg Frankson and Danielle K.L. Gregoire).

The Slam Master and Treasurer’s reports were presented, painting a glowing picture of the current state of the Capital Slam and the Collective.

The Volunteer Coordinator’s report emphasized the need to get more poets involved in the running the Collective and the shows. We cannot continue relying on the same small handful of people if we wish to expand.

Elections were next and Brad Morden was named the new Collective Director while Rusty Priske remains as Slam Master (both elections were by unanimous acclimation).

There was a discussion about other appointed positions within the Collective (such as Public Relations/marketing). If anyone is interested in a specific position within the organization, they should contact either Brad or Rusty.


There was a discussion about the Finals contract. This year, six of the eight finalists were eligible to compete at Urban Legends as well and it was decided that we didn’t want someone who finished as the team alternate to feel ‘punished’ for finishing fifth, rather than sixth where they could compete at Urban Legends. So, with the agreement from the rest of the team, PrufRock was allowed to give up his spot in order to compete at U.L. Then the position was offered to Mack Cannon, who also wished to compete at U.L. The position then was offered to Rusty(one of the two people who were not on the U.L. list), and he accepted (though he made note that he saw the position more as a coach than winning the alt spot).

A discussion was had about whether this should become policy. In the end it was decided that since we had agreed last year that the organizers were allowed to waive the contract when it seemed appropriate, that this fell under that category and we would leave things as is.

Next a proposal to adjust the rankings system was adopted. For the next season, the placement rankings and the score rankings we be judge separately when assessing which were a poets ‘three-best slams’.

We discussed the rule that forbade a feature performer from slamming during the season. In the end we decided to keep the rule, with the understanding that the organizers could waive it if the feature was substantially different from a slam performance (if it were a music feature, for example). We also agreed that we should work on developing more opportunitiesĀ  for our slammers to feature outside of the slam.

A proposal to alter the second (and third, when appropriate) round order in both the regualr season and play-offs was passed. Starting immediately, EVERY round will be decided by random draw.

A proposal to create a Wild Card Slam was passed, with the understanding that we would try it for this season and then reassess. The new rules for qualifying for the Capital Slam Semi-Finals are as follows:

The Top 11 poets from the regular season (finishing on the first Saturday in April) will automatically qualify for the Capital Slam Semi-Finals. The next six poets in the rankings will be entered into a Wild Card Slam to occur on the third Saturday in April. A further six entries will be selected by lottery out of any poet who slammed AT LEAST ONCE at a Capital Slam show during the season. These twelve poets will compete in a regular format slam (12 poets in Round 1, 5 in round 2), with the winner granted the 12th spot in the Capital Slam Semi-Finals, and the runner-up guaranteed a spot as a sacrificial poet in either the semis or finals.

A proposal to change how the Capital Slam rep for the CIPS competition inVancouverfailed. It will continue to be the Capital Slam Champion sent (unless Capital Slam is also sending a representative to the World Slam Championships, in which case it will be the runner up).

However, a motion passed to start backing our rep in their trip toVancouverfinancially. We will now be matching the stipend from theVancouverevent to help cover flight costs.



The discussion around financial priorities reiterated that the Collective’s top priorities financially are:

1. Send a team to CFSW

2. Finance the ‘Live at Capital Slam’ CD.

We agreed that we could now afford to entertain new priorities in addition to those and the Collective agreed to let Brad take the lead on new initiatives, which he will likely be talking about in the days, weeks, and months to come.

It was also agreed that it is important for the Collective to have a presence at CFSW every year and whenever feasible financially, we will ensure that the Collective Director and Capital Slam Master will attend.

Finally, a proposal to raise the door price at Capital Slam to $8, effective September, 2011, was passed, with the understanding that we won’t turn away someone who truly cannot pay.





So, you waded through all of that, so what about the next show?

We are back at the Mercury Lounge for the first of our two Summer Slams, but on a special date. The Slam is on Saturday, July 9th (the second Saturday instead of the usual 1st Saturday), and features the great Vancouver poet who was seen on our stages as part of the Wild Card team at CFSW 2010, and will represent Vancouver at CFSW 2011 in Toronto – STEVE MILLER!


Doors and sign-up are at6:30… BE THERE!


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2 thoughts on “Capital Slam Year-end and Annual General Meeting (and next show!)

  1. Brandon says:

    I like the wild card slam idea as something that can enhance the anticipation for semi’s each year. It might be a wonderfully competitive slam, too, if some of the people who are infrequent (but very good) slammers (like Matt Peake or Kevin Matthews, for instance) decide they want to enter to lottery.

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